Working With Your Divorce Lawyer

Once you have hired an Attorney experienced in Plano Family Law, you now must work together as a team to achieve a common goal: winning.  If you have hired an experienced child custody attorney, or divorce lawyer, that you have confidence in, then it is important to listen to them.  Their experience was can prevent you from making life-altering mistakes.

The first step in working with your lawyer is honesty and full disclosure.  If you have skeletons in your closet, make sure you have told your attorney about them.  A good attorney can minimize these issues.  A great attorney can often use them to your benefit.

The second step in working with your lawyer is preparation.  The best way that I have found to prepare is to provide your attorney with a timeline of all relevant facts relating to your case.  A timeline is most complete and accurate when done at home.  This affords you the ability to take your time and remember events over several days or weeks.  Information is vital when preparing to win.  Providing your attorney with information is always helpful.

The third step in working with your attorney is to maintain control over your emotions.  This is a mult-faceted factor.  Controlling your emotions is important when communicating with the opposing party, which can avoid an angry text message or email being shown to the judge.  Plano family law cases are emotionally difficult.  However, things get worse when anger-filled phone calls, texts or emails are sent.  I always encourage my clients to record phone calls, as well as maintain texts and emails.  These are great sources of evidence to show a person’s true character outside the courtroom.

There are many things to know when working with a family law attorney.  However, these few items are helpful to begin building a relationship designed to meet your goals.  Feel free to contact the Tadlock Law Office at 214-550-1122 to speak with an attorney experienced in Plano family law about your case.