Parental Rights

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The rights of parents are defined in the Texas Family Code.  Generally, however, a parent has a large number of defined rights and duties.  Some of the more important parental rights are:

  1. The right to make educational decisions;
  2. The right to make medical decisions;
  3. The right to attend school activities; and,
  4. The right to possess of the child.

Each of these rights, as well as many others, are typically determined by a Texas family court.  The determination of who gets these rights, and what limitations are on them, are based upon the child’s best interests.  For example, the right to possess the child is defined by a possession schedule within a final court order.  This right is often determined by the Standard Possession Order, which is contained in the Texas Family Code.

The right to make medical and educational decisions is typically a shared right of both parents.  Courts often will allocate these rights to each parent individually.  Unfortunately, this can create situations where parents cannot agree on important medical and/or educational decisions.  To prevent such disputes, a court can grant one parent the exclusive right to make these decisions.  Another alternative is to require the parents to confer with one another, and try to reach an agreement.  If an agreement cannot be made, typically one parent is given the right to make the final decision.  Again, this can lead to disputes that end up in court.

When parental rights of both parents cannot be resolved, a court will hear the arguments and evidence of both parties.  Afterword, the judge will make their decision based upon the best interest of the child.

It can be quite difficult to have a judge make decisions relating to your child.  After all, this person is a stranger to you and your child.  Many people feel that the judge may not care about their case.  Many times, this feeling is correct.  As a result, alternative dispute resolution is a good option for the parties.  This option gives the parties unlimited time to reach a resolution, and helps them maintain control over the lives of their children.

If you are looking for an experienced Plano child custody lawyer to fight for your parental rights, Gerald Tadlock can provide the help you need.  Disputes over parental rights can be emotionally difficult.  It is important that you have an experienced attorney with a fighting spirit to stand up for your rights.  Whether seeking to negotiate a favorable agreement, or taking your case to court, Gerald Tadlock is a Plano child custody lawyer who you can count on.

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