Enforcement of Court Orders

When a divorce or child custody case is over, typically a final order is prepared and signed by a judge.  In a Texas divorce, this document is called a Final Decree of Divorce.  Orders created by a Texas Family Law judge are binding on the parties.  Violations of those orders may be enforced by any party to that order.  Dallas Child Support Enforcement Attorney Gerald Tadlock has vast experience representing parents who simply want a court order followed.

An order is typically enforced by filing a document called a Motion for Enforcement.  This type of motion may be filed to address any number of violations, such as:

  1. Unpaid child support;
  2. Failing to comply with visitation orders;
  3. Failing to obtain and/or maintain health insurance for a child;
  4. Failing to refinance an asset awarded in a marital property division;
  5. Changing the child’s residence without proper notice to the non-custodial parent.

These examples are only a small list of violations that can be enforced in court.


When seeking to enforce a court order, a Dallas Child Support Enforcement Attorney will advocate for the remedy you are seeking.  There are numerous remedies available to a Texas Family Law Judge.  A court can issue monetary sanctions, as well as hold the violating party in contempt.  Contempt is a complex matter, but generally provides the court will the ability to sentence a person to jail for up to six months per violation.  Additionally, a court can order a fine of up to $500 per violation.

If you need help enforcing a court order, Dallas Child Support Enforcement Attorney Gerald Tadlock can help you navigate through this complex area of family law.  Many times it is important to move quickly on enforcement matters.  As a result, your case can often be filed the same day.

If you need help defending against an allegation that you violated a court order, or are facing a contempt charge, defending these charges is a very serious matter.  Gerald Tadlock can help you as well.

With more than 21 years of experience in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County and surrounding areas, Gerald Tadlock can help you.

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