How Much Does A Family Law Case Cost?

The answer is simple: it depends. A case can settle early without using much of the attorney’s time. On the other hand, a case can drag on for years and involve numerous trips to the courthouse to resolve the parties’ disputes. These cases are—obviously—going to be the most expensive. In general, the cost of a family law case can be estimated based upon the bitterness of the dispute.

When one party has substantially more money than the other, a common tactic is to “bleed” the other side until they give up. Unfortunately, this can be an effective tactic. However, it frequently back-fires because it is relatively easy to point-out to a family law judge. An experienced family law attorney will ask the court to stop this abusive tactic and seek attorney fee reimbursements—or even sanctions.

Another way to control legal fees in a family law case is to be efficient when communicating with your family law attorney. It is important to understand that your attorney will charge you for their time, and that includes phone calls, emails and meetings. The easiest way to lower attorney’s fees is to send emails with the questions you would like answered. An attorney can answer your questions by email many times far faster than they can make a phone call. Also, you can refer to their answer throughout the case in case you forget what was discussed.


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