School Is About to Resume—Things Have Changed – Again (Pt 2)

In follow-up to our pre-summer Blog discussing changes in a Standard Possession Order (“SPO”) over the summer months, Dallas Child Custody Attorney Gerald Tadlock wants you to know what happens when summer ends.  Hopefully a summary of the changes coming soon will help you avoid any confusion.

What Are The Changes?

Now that the summer possession schedule is coming to an end, the SPO resumes the “normal” schedule.  That means that you can look forward to the following:

  1. Thursday night visitations (in some cases, Wednesday nights) are back.  This means you will get to spend alot more time with your child.  The overnight visitation on Thursday is a great way to spend a little extra time with your child if you have an expanded SPO.
  2. SPO weekends resume every first, third and fifth Friday of the month beginning at 6:00 p.m. and ending the following Sunday. If you have an expanded SPO, your court order will provide you with your specific schedule.
  3. August will also have 5 Fridays.  Don’t be caught off-guard and forget.  This could come back to haunt you if you are the non-custodial parent.  The other parent can claim that you failed to exercise all periods of possession available to you.

The next big event will be the holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are only a few short months away, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your Court Order so you know what to expect.  Visitation disputes are most heated during summer and the holidays.  Now is the time to review the holiday schedule so you can be prepared.  Preparation will help prevent any unnecessary drama.  The holidays are meant for time with friends and family (not with judges and lawyers!).


If you have any questions about your standard possession order, please contact the Tadlock Law Office at 214-550-1122 to speak with an experienced Dallas Child Custody Attorney.