How To Win A Child Custody Case

The following is a quick outline for how to win a child custody case.

  1. Take a parenting class (or two)
  2. Preserve evidence of the other parent’s wrong-doing
  3. Bring witnesses to Court (written statements do not work)
  4. Maintain your job
  5. Be a great parent to your children
  6. Exercise every opportunity to spend time with your children (and ask for more)
  7. Tell your children that the other parent is a great person who loves them (even if you hate the other parent, the children deserve two loving parents)
  8. Video/Audio evidence (obtained legally). A picture is worth a thousand words, but video/audio is better
  9. Try to work with the other parent, but do so in writing to prove your efforts
  10. Be respectful of the Judge if you are in Court. Manners and respect are more important than you may think.

Likewise, the following is a quick outline of ways I have seen people lose their child custody case.

  1. Fail a drug test
  2. Lie to the Judge
  3. Move the children without permission
  4. Get arrested for DWI, drugs, assault, murder…
  5. Leave the children with “bad” people
  6. Leave the children with good people, but for too long (i.e. abandonment)
  7. Become a prostitute
  8. Assault a police officer
  9. Assault a child
  10. Forget to show up to your child custody trial

These items are not meant to be a complete list of how to win your child custody case.  Instead, these are a few quick items to review periodically from an experienced child custody attorney.

If you want to know how to win a child custody case, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney. You only have one opportunity to do it right and there are no second chances.  Hiring the right attorney is extremely important.

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